Services we Offer

Health Treatment

We provide a number of health products and treatments.

Food Services

We have a wide range of pet foods and treats. Including hypoallergenic and other foods for pets with special requirements. 


We have a small range of toys.

Medical Services

We can take a look at your pet and advice the best next steps.

Pet Veterinary

We work with a vet that might be able to help you . 

Care Advice

We have care sheets and more when it comes to your pets welfare.

Surgical Services

We work with a brilliant vet that can help you with your surgical requierments.

Pet Boarding

Going away we can help, we can look after your pet while you are away. 

our integrated services


Surrender an animal to us and we will rehome them for you.

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Adopt an animal and give them a second chance.

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Health Treatments

A range of pet treatments to help with your pets needs.

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Microchipping is the best way to get reunited with your pets.

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medical advice

We can provide medical advice. 

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Dental Care

Dental treatments for your pet's teeth are essential.

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We will look after your pet while on holiday.

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ANnimal Therapy

Animal therapy is great to help with your mind and it's great for our residents.

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Pet Products

Lot's of pet products for your pets.

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Need urgent support?

Need urgent support contact us now and we will try our best to help.

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We Love your Pet
Health Care

We have a wide range of health care products.

Medicine Services

We can provide some over the counter treatments and medicines.

Dental Care

We can help with your pets dental care.

Emergency Support

Emergency contact details for vets are available.